Free Domain Appraisal Tool and Valuation Service

Domain Appraisal and Valuation - why do we need it? Domain Names are often compared to Real Estate. The highest "quality" domain names generally carry significant value and therefore it is important to know what is the value of the domain name that you are about to sell or buy. Getting a domain appraisal can help you save money. It can be used to negotiate a price with the buyer or seller. Here at, our tools can provide you with free domain appraisals and valuations, whois lookup information and a basic seo report.

Why use Because your domain name will be appraised on numerous factors. Our algorithm is constantly updated to take into account emerging factors. Each TLD is reviewed and assessed differenty by our algorithm. For example, .COM is analysed using Global Data whereas CO.UK is analysed using UK Data. On few occasions certain domains cannot appraised but these are logged so that we can provide the valuation at a later date. However, there are some limitations at

  • The domains should be generic whenever possible.
  • IDN domains should not be used for appraisal
  • Unregistered users can appraise 5 domains per day
  • Registered users can appraise 15 domains per day

These are just some of the factors taken into account when appraising your domain name:

  • Length of Domain
  • Exact Search for Keywords
  • Type of Extension
  • Number of Words
  • Hyphens and Numerals
  • Competition and many other factors

Please note that our domain appraisal service is an estimated value and this can differ significantly from actual sale price. No warranty is provided, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the domain appraisal value provided through our tool. This is to be used as an indicator. At the end of the day, the best price of a domain is the maximum amount of money a buyer is willing pay and a seller is able to get.